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Arreton Manor | Haunted Locations

Arreton Manor

Arreton Manor is located in Arreton, Isle of Wight in England.

The manor has been dated back as for as 872 AD and is recorded in the Doomsday Book.

In the year 885 Arreton Manor was owned by King Alfred the Great and before him, his Mother and Father, Osburga and Oslac.

In 1086 the manor house was owned by William the Conqueror.

Richard de Redvers was granted Arreton Manor in 1100. Richards son Baldwin gave Arreton Manor to the monks of the Quarr Abbey as part of an endowment in 1131.

For 400 year the Monks resided at Arreton Manor until 1525. John Leigh, a Parish landholder leased Arreton Manor from Abbot William Rippon in 1525 after the Monks had left.

Between 1595 and 1612 the manor was rebuilt. Until 1628 the manor was leased to numerous farmers until it was granted to trustees by the King to settle his debts to the city of London.

Thomas II later bought the manor and after his death Lady Katherine, his daughter gained possession of Arreton Manor. After Lady Katherine married Lord Fairfox, Arreton Manor stayed in possession of the Fairfox family for 230 years.

It is said that Arreton Manor was frequently visited by royalty including Charles 1st, Queen Mary and Queen Victoria who is said to have planted a conifer in the garden of Arreton Manor.

In 1987 Jeanne Schroeder bought Arreton Manor from Count Slade before selling it to the Clark family. In 1999 members of the Clark family closed the house from the public and later sold it to Andy and Julis Gray-Ling in 2004 who re-opened it to the public.

Reported Paranormal Activity

Numerous ghosts have been seen at Arreton Manor, these include a girl with fair hair calling for her mother, a lady in a purple dress, a lady in a red dress with puffy sleeves, Monks in the dinning room and gardens, a lady in a white dress gliding across the four-poster bedroom before disappearing out of the window.

Different scents have mysteriously appeared and the just as quickly disappeared in different parts of the house. The sounds of skirts rustling have been heard often in he dinning room along with the sound of something quite heavy dropping, like an old chunky metal key.

Cupboard doors open by themselves and the towels inside have been re-arranged into a neat pile on the floor by unseen forces.



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