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Chicksands Priory | Haunted Locations

Chicksands Priory

Chicksands Priory is located in Clophill, Bedfordshire in England.

The Priory was founded in 1147-53 by the Beauchamp family of Bedford Castle.

The Countess de Beauchamp died at the priory and was buried in the Chapter House in October of 1166.

On 4th February 1189 St. Gilbert died at the age of 106.

On 22nd October 1538, Chicsksands Priory was dissolved and sold on to Richard Snowe in 1540.

Reported Paranormal Activity

The ghost of a girl named Rosetta who was once a Nun at the Priory has been seen by many RAF officials and visitors.

Rosetta was bricked up alive in a well at the priory for breaking her vow of chastity and becoming pregnant.

Her ghost is said to walk the grounds of the priory on the 17th of every month.

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  1. Profile photo of Roger
    Roger 06. Mar, 2011 at 7:22 pm #

    The telephone number listed here is for those wishing to visit the Priory for a guided tour. It does not connect you to Chicksands Priory.Tours are arranged by the Friends of Chicksands Priory, April to October, on the 1st & 3rd Sunday afternoons. Access to the site is only from the A600 Shefford to Bedford road.

    Reputed to be one of the most haunted buildings in the region, the extensive restoration in 1997 did nothing to deter paranormal activity. Tours specifically about the numerous sightings and experiences over the past century are planned. Anyone interested should contact us through our website.

    Numerous publications have included Chicksands’ ghosts but the majority have inaccuracies, despite our efforts to ensure accuracy. Look out for our definitive publication which is in the planning stage.

  2. Profile photo of Timothy Bowers
    Timothy Bowers 06. Mar, 2011 at 7:35 pm #

    Thanks for the update Roger, its much appreciated!

    If you have any publications pertaining to Chicksands or any alleged haunting there then please feel free to publish them here on Haunted Locations, hopefully it will help to set some stories straight! ;-)

    Any articles published can also be credited to an author and source (website, book, etc)

    • Profile photo of Roger
      Roger 06. Mar, 2011 at 7:47 pm #

      Thank you so much for your prompt response. I tried to access our website from the Chicksands page but the link didnt work. We would be happy to provide a link on our website to connect to Haunted Locations. Just so you know, i am the Chairman & Historian of the Friends. I will certainly accept your invitation to use your site. thanks a lot. :)

      • Profile photo of Timothy Bowers
        Timothy Bowers 07. Mar, 2011 at 12:57 pm #

        Hi again Roger.

        When you talk about access the website from the page, do you refer to the link appearing in the header of the page on Haunted Locations?

        I took a look and see it was missing the http:// part, I’ve amended that so it works correctly now, just making sure it wasn’t something else you came across?

        If you want an editors account so that you can edit this page, make additions, amendments, add more factual or even purported paranormal activity then I can set this up for you so that you would be the editor of this page?

        • Profile photo of Roger
          Roger 22. Jan, 2012 at 12:47 pm #

          Hello Tim,
          Thank you for your message. My thought was that if you would agree. we could have a link to your site on our website, http://www.chicksandspriory.co.uk – I have since noticed a spelling error in my previous message.

          There are in Bedfordshire Library copies of my book, Legend & Lore, which I privately published, (1983, a limited edition of 500 copies). This was an update of the original booklet privately published 1958, “Chicksands Priory”(a limited edition of 75 copies) which from 1963 was only available to Chicksands’ personnel, 1963.

          From 1976 we have had periodic visits of various paranormal groups, the most recent being in 2005.

          During the later 1980s-1991 l published separately the various chapters from Legend & Lore, including “Ghosts & Tunnels. i am currently updating all of the booklets but the one dealing with the paranormal activities will include the period, 1996- to date. My plan is to update the Legend & Lore completely and to include the restoration period of the Priory 1996-98,but I have yet to research that part of Chicksands’ more recent history.

          Given the great interest in the ,it is possible that if there was a real interest in this subject we could arrange for tours of the Priory specifically on the subject of the paranormal activity which surrounds the ancient building and the estate in general.

          Lastly, I forgot to add in my first message to your site – Chicksands is extra-parochial, not in the parish of Clophill, Shefford or Campton. The usual address is Nr Shefford. In more recent years attached to Campton regarding Parish Council matters.

          I would be more than happy to act as editor for the page about Chicksands and keep it updated. Have you visited Chicksands?
          If you would like to do so I can arrange that with pleasure.


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